Triarii 10 years

January 2015: At the end of last year, Triarii celebrated its 10 year anniversary. A good time to look back at successes in that period and the development of our company.

Every guest at the Triarii office in The Hague, passes our "trophy cabinet". This holds souvenirs of projects and corresponding business trips. Every object is a part of the Triarii story. Read our story below this trophy polaroid, next to the polaroid close-ups.


Space Ariane 5 rocket: since its inception, Triarii carries out space policy and economic studies. The Dutch Action Plan Space Travel in 2004 was the first. Followed by economic impact studies (referred to in an article in NRC Next, a national newspaper), workshops for the Netherlands Space Office, running the Space Business Park and an exploration of interest in high tech facilities of the Netherlands Institute for Space Research.
CCS Mousepad with the original ZEP-logo: one of the biggest assignments of Triarii is running the secretariat of the Zero Emissions Platform (ZEP) since 2006. This platform promotes Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) in Europe. Triarii also commissioned a study on CCS decision making in Europe.
Dialoog Parthenon plate: we bought this in Athens, the hosting city of one of the R&Dialogue project meetings. Triarii is project manager of this European project and leads the Dutch low carbon dialogue.
Boek Book "The Dutch Industrial Landscape": as insider in high tech industry and policy, Triarii made this book with 50 inspiring business cases. The book is in English and you will find it in lounges and meeting rooms of Dutch embassies around the world.
JSF Scale model of the Joint Strike Fighter: Triarii and PwC studied the employments effect of Dutch participation in the JSF-programme. Triarii also explored and mapped the Dutch Defence and Security industry.

This old keyboard symbolises our involvement in ICT: Triarii ran the ITAIDE project, composed the European ICT-agenda, explored the use of ICT in musea and studied the future of broadband services in The Netherlands.

MMF Canisters of effervescent tablets with royal jelly from Macedonion queen bees: Triarii is match maker for companies from developing countries. Among others we have assisted iSource Macedonia, IPW Mongolia, Amman Pharma JordanDhanusha Sri Lanka, Barrick Mining Company Zambia and IIT Tanzania.
Inburgering Globe and languague guide: Triarii has been involved in the Dutch civil integration and participation policy since the beginning. Examples are market exploration, language criteria for immigrants, economic explorations and implementation studies.

Chess board: Triarii consultants always think multiple steps ahead, a key characteristic in project management of international, complex projects.


Cap from Ghana: bought during one of many business trips to Ghana in the context of a running project to improve sanitation and hygiene.

Benchmark Boxing gloves: organisations with a public mission that are in need of a sparring partner for benchmarking, scenario studies, policy support will find a capable and experienced partner in Triarii.

Flag and lighthouse: with eyecatching buildings and theme-driven promotion, Triarii runs the Space Business Park and did a study on success factors of thematic business parks.


Image of Iranian Ayatollah Khomeini: an extensive project for the Iranian ICT Ministry, brought Triarii consultants to Iran's capital Tehran on many occasions. Among other, it yielded this Master's Master's Thesis.

PwC Triarii's founders and current partners (Ron Overgoor, Robert van der Lande en Hans Modder) have a shared history at PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Triarii news

March 2017: The article "Defence and Security stimulates innovative power of Dutch industry" builds its case on recent Triarii research of this industry.

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November 2016: Triarii starts the initiative we save energy to help house buyers make their house more energy efficient, before they even move in.

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October 2016: The "One Planet" exhibition in the Museon in The Hague (NL) was opened on 24 October 2016 by UN-chief Ban Ki Moon. Part of this is the biological toilet of PRISTO, a project of the Ghanean company Biofilcom and Triarii.

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