European Space Agency (ESA)

Triarii ESA Triarii consultants do a lot of work for ESA. In the recent past we've researched the economic value of the 6 ESA establishments. One of Triarii's partners, Ron Overgoor, is director of the SpaceBusinessPark next to ESTEC, Noordwijk.

European Commission

EC TriariiOn behalf of the European Commission, Triarii runs the ZEP secretariat. ZEP is the European Technology Platform for power plants of the future (website Triarii also coordinates the EC FP7 project R&Dialgoue, aimed at establishing an energy dialogue between R&D and Civil Society Organisations.

Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture & Innovation

Rijksoverheid TriariiSince 1985, Triarii consultants have been actively involved in policy development, execution and evaluation at this Dutch Ministry. Most notably in the fields of ICT, energy, space and general development of industry. In the recent past Triarii has made high-profile reports to the Ministry. An excellent example is the book "The Dutch Industrial Landscape". Also in 2012 we researched the size, position and status of the Dutch Defense and Security industry. A project we're currently running is the "Match Making Facility", aimed at establishing business relations between developing countries and the Netherlands.

City of The Hague

Gemeente Den Haag TriariiTriarii has done projects for the City of The Hague in the field of public services, organisational development and civic integration.

VU University Amsterdam

Triarii Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamThe VU University Amsterdam relies on Triarii's Hans Modder as project manager for their ITAIDE project: Information Technology for Adoption and Intelligent Design for e-government. Find more information here:

Municipality Noordwijk

Triarii Gemeente NoordwijkThe municipality of Noordwijk cooperates with Triarii on the SpaceBusinessPark. This business park includes an incubator for space start-ups and is being built next to ESTEC, Noordwijk. Website:

Other ministries

Triarii Rijksoverheid Ministerie BZKIn the past decades, Triarii consultants have worked for a number of Dutch Ministries. These projects were mainly research and scenario studies in the field of civic integration.

Leiden, Noordwijk, Chamber of Commerce

Triarii Space Life SciencesBased on our experience in space and the technology sector, Triarii consultants were asked to explore the possibilities of cooperation between the space cluster in Noordwijk and the Bio & Life Sciences cluster in Leiden.

City of Delft

Triarii Gemeente DelftTriarii often works for Dutch local autorities. For the city of Delft we support the development of parking policy and the privitisation of several city services.

Triarii news

March 2017: The article "Defence and Security stimulates innovative power of Dutch industry" builds its case on recent Triarii research of this industry.

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November 2016: Triarii starts the initiative we save energy to help house buyers make their house more energy efficient, before they even move in.

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October 2016: The "One Planet" exhibition in the Museon in The Hague (NL) was opened on 24 October 2016 by UN-chief Ban Ki Moon. Part of this is the biological toilet of PRISTO, a project of the Ghanean company Biofilcom and Triarii.

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