Benchmarking services

What we offer

Are you looking to manage or improve aspects of your services? Are your views of the current quality and targets essentially gut-feeling based? Would you yourself or as a group like to learn from others and have a hard time comparing implementations? Services have a tendency to become quite quickly quite complex with many elements that every organisation, or even worse many individuals in the organisation interpret in an own way. Working agreements and common experience usually keep the variation within a bandwidth. However, specific control and improvement requires objective assessment. While seemingly conflicting with the essence of a service, Triarii can offer an assessment methodology that can be applied to a variety of services.

Characteristics of our approach

In close consultation with you as the client, we take the following steps:

  • Selection of an appropriate model for the service. Depending on circumstances and objectives, we may use an existing, generic model which is subsequently tailored or we develop a specific model;
  • Definition of the spectrum of possibilities / positioning of the most relevant responses. We strive to quantify responses at this stage to allow calculation of population averages, which are often easier to interpret than frequency distributions;
  • Questionnaire development. The relevancy of the responses correlating directly with the clarity of the questions and willingness to respond, we pay ample attention to the phrasing, level of detail (allowing assessment of the target aspect(s), yet not deter) and implementation (online allowing real time population analyses or offline as a rule driving away less respondents);
  • Development of assessment tools. A visual presentation of the outcomes will facilitate interpretation. We tend to integrate a basic version in the questionnaire itself a such feed back does motivate respondents, the more so if integrated with a comparative benchmark. An extended version supports the analysis of the full population.

Statement of Experience

  • EC ETP-ZEP: benchmarking CCS-beleid (2008-2009) Opstellen van een raamwerk om de verschillende relevante beleidscomponenten te onderscheiden en systematisch te beschrijven om een overall vergelijking mogelijk te maken. Gebruikt als basis voor de ZEP strategieontwikkeling en herijking (2012);
  • Digital Heritage Netherlands, Questionnaire ICT in Museums (2006-2007): Development of a benchmarking methodology and tools to assess the ICT usage and related aspects in Dutch museums. Managing of questionnaire deployment and analysis of the outcomes;
  • Network of Libraries in the Overijssel province (2006): Development of a benchmarking methodology and tools to assess the relative and absolute quality of the information services (policy, personnel, service counter, protocols, working method, sources and evaluation);
  • Dutch Association of Public Libraries / ICT expert entre LAURENS, Quickscan Digital Library (2004-2005): Development of a benchmarking methodology and tools to assess the relative and absolute quality of website based library services;
  • European Commission DG Information Society, “Key Elements for electronic Local Authorities´ Networks (KEeLAN)” (2002-2004): Benchmark exercise of the organisational quality behind the 50 best practice web sites of local authorities, i.e. municipalities and/or counties, in the EU member countries; development of guidelines and a marching route to e-Government implementation in local authorities.


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