Scenario study

What we offer

Triarii consultants like to look ahead. Concrete recommendations for the future are therefore an essential part of our work. In many cases this is the main goal of an assignment and we are asked to carry out a scenario study.

Scenarios for the future that we build are accompanied by a roadmap and an advice on the preferred scenario. The strategy and context are the starting points for these scenarios.

The big advantage for the client is an improved and future-proof decision making process: the client can make better choices since various consequences of that choice are made clear. The client also has a tool for coping with sudden big changes, since there are fallback scenarios present.

Characteristics of our approach

  1. Building scenarios starts with the organisation. With an analysis of the organisation, its context and the stakeholders therein. We also analyse the relevant trends. Then we look at where the organisation wants to go.
  2. The analysis is based on relevant document, reports and face-to-face interviews. Our broad network and experience in national and international projects assures that we will get the right people round the table. If deemed added value, we organise workshops and/or online surveys. We have the expertise to make independent analysis of this information.
  3. The next step discussing the analyses and scenarios with the client. With key persons in the clients organisation we look how the organisation has acted in the past and how it will probably act in the near and long term.

Based on these 3 steps, we conclude with an overview of the scenarios, an advice on the preferred scenario and a roadmap towards reaching that scenario.

Statement of experience

  • Dutch ministry of Housing, Spatial planning and the Environment: scenario study to the needed language level in the light of the civic integration laws (2009);
  • Netherlands Space Office (NSO): Support in strategy determination (2009);
  • AgencyNL (Dutch Agency): Roadmap for the Innovative Research Progremma directed at methods and means to support the design industry (2008).


Mr. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is Triarii's main contact person for this field. Drop him a line or give him a call on +31(0) 70 328 3574 (land line), +31(0) 6 5166 1525 (mobile phone).

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