What we offer

Our consultants have excellent knowledge and an extensive network in the aerospace domain. Triarii's track record covers more than 15 years of working in aerospace and space. Our projects in this field are mainly of a strategic and financial nature.

Characteristics of our approach

Based on our experience and knowledge of the aerospace domain, projects can be started almost instantaneously. As our slogan states we focus on strategy, innovation and implementation.

Most of our projects start with a strategic analysis, followed with a innovative financial or cost/benefit analysis. We have a proven strength in implementing projects in reality.

Statement of experience

  • Netherlands Space Office (2016-2017): Exploring metal additive manufacturing to manufacture space components, workshops with Dutch industry and knowledge institutes;
  • Netherlands Space Office (2013-2014): Linking the Dutch high-tech science and industry sector to ESTEC, Noordwijk by way of market explorations and workshops;
  • Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the European Space Agency (ESA): The value of ESTEC to the Netherlands(1990, 1995, 2005, 2011);
  • ESA: The value of the ESA sites for the Host countries (NL, D, UK, B, SP, IT, FR) (2008);
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and Education, Culture & Science: International benchmark of European national space agencies;
  • Municipality of Noordwijk: Development of the Space Business Park next to ESTEC, Noordwijk (website SpaceBusinessPark);
  • Setting up the European Space incubator centre (website European Space Innovation centre);
  • NSO: Strategy for the Netherlands Space Office 2020, (website NSO);
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Netherlands Industries for Defense and Security: Evaluation of the Joint Strike Fighter project on employment effects, spin-off and spill-over;
  • Province of South-Holland: Development composite valley (2005);
  • Ministry of Economic Affairs: analysis of the Dutch defense industry (2002, 2012);
  • Dutch government: Space meets Life Sciences (2006).


Mr. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is Triarii's main contact person for this field. Drop him a line or give him a call on +31(0) 70 328 3574 (land line), +31(0) 6 5166 1525 (mobile phone).

Triarii news

March 2017: The article "Defence and Security stimulates innovative power of Dutch industry" builds its case on recent Triarii research of this industry.

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November 2016: Triarii starts the initiative we save energy to help house buyers make their house more energy efficient, before they even move in.

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October 2016: The "One Planet" exhibition in the Museon in The Hague (NL) was opened on 24 October 2016 by UN-chief Ban Ki Moon. Part of this is the biological toilet of PRISTO, a project of the Ghanean company Biofilcom and Triarii.

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