R&Dialogue: building a low carbon society

Triarii coordinates the R&Dialogue project, which is an FP7 project funded by the European Commission. Our goal is to improve the dialogue on how to achieve a low-carbon society. A dialogue between research and civil society communities. We aim to contribute to a joint vision towards a low-carbon society in Europe. We are research organisations and NGOs in the field of energy. We are a consortium of 15 partners in 10 European countries. We are R&Dialogue.

Exciting stuff on the project is published on the R&Dialogue Tumblr blog. An example is the newsletter we publish every few months.

RnDialogue newsletter

For more information contact project coordinator Gert-Jan van der Panne

Triarii news

March 2017: The article "Defence and Security stimulates innovative power of Dutch industry" builds its case on recent Triarii research of this industry.

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November 2016: Triarii starts the initiative we save energy to help house buyers make their house more energy efficient, before they even move in.

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October 2016: The "One Planet" exhibition in the Museon in The Hague (NL) was opened on 24 October 2016 by UN-chief Ban Ki Moon. Part of this is the biological toilet of PRISTO, a project of the Ghanean company Biofilcom and Triarii.

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