Gert-Jan van der Panne Triarii

MSc. Policy and Organisation Science

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Gert-Jan van der Panne got his Master's Degree in Policy and Organisation Studies at the Social Faculty of the University of Tilburg.

For Triarii Gert-Jan works as researcher and consultant and has developed the following expertise:

  • The low-carbon dialogue in Europe (R&Dialogue project)
  • Energy technology and policy in Europe, mainly Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS);
  • Technology policy in the Netherlands;
  • Space technology policy and development;
  • Public services;
  • Civic integration in the Netherlands.

In his university years and at Triarii Gert-Jan has built a broad knowledge base in the field of human interaction in control processes, policy and organisation. He researched subjects as strategic policy making, cooperation, internationalisation and organisational change. Mostly by theory-based assignments in real-life settings.

His final thesis, made as an intern at Triarii, describes the influence of Iranian government on ICT use in information intensive organisations in Tehran. If your Farsi is up to standards, you will be able to read more about this in an article on Gert-Jan that appeared in a Tehran newspaper.

Triarii BV, consultant
Triarii BV, intern
2005-2006 Triarii BV, graduate intern, concluded with the final thesis "Rock - paper - scissors; the influence of government on ICT use, a focus on information intensive organizations and Tehran". Find it here.

Triarii news

March 2017: The article "Defence and Security stimulates innovative power of Dutch industry" builds its case on recent Triarii research of this industry.

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November 2016: Triarii starts the initiative we save energy to help house buyers make their house more energy efficient, before they even move in.

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October 2016: The "One Planet" exhibition in the Museon in The Hague (NL) was opened on 24 October 2016 by UN-chief Ban Ki Moon. Part of this is the biological toilet of PRISTO, a project of the Ghanean company Biofilcom and Triarii.

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